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Becoming a Title Closer

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Course Price:$195.00

Total Hours:12 hours

Materials: Included
Location: Hauppauge


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A title closer is the representative of a title/abstract company that gathers all relevant papers and documents and insures that the buyer is receiving good and clear title and that the lender is being protected by becoming the first and usually the one and only lien holder on the subject property.  Some of the functions of a title closer include, but are not limited to verification of correct amounts due and owing to satisfy mortgages, taxes, judgments and other liens, properly recording legal documents and instruments from the transaction, checking and verifying that all documents are prepared and executed in legal and recordable form, notarizing papers and documents, and assisting many of the parties to insure accuracy in calculations of adjustments. Taking accurate and detailed notes is essential in case the events of the transactions become subject to audit.


The people usually in attendance at the closing are:

The Buyer(s), Borrower(s), Attorney for the Buyer(s), Attorney for the Borrower(s), Seller(s), Attorney for the Seller(s), Name(s) from the Lending Institution(s), Attorney for the Lending Institution(s) and Names(s) of Mortgage and/or Real Estate Broker(s).


The documents usually at the closing are:

The Contract of Sale, Survey(s), Mortgage(s), Satisfaction(s) of Mortgages(s), Lease(s), Policy of Title Insurance, Title Report, Lien Releases, Deed(s), Escrow Documents, Affidavits (must be notarized), Certificate(s) of Occupancy, Transfer tax returns and tax adjustment documents, Easements, Legal descriptions, etc.


The following topics will be covered to assist you in pursuing a career in real estate by becoming a title closer.

  • What is a title closer?

  • What are the qualifications for becoming a title closer?

  • What functions does the title closer perform before & after a closing?

  • What can a title closer expect to earn?

  • Once I finish this course, how can I obtain employment and/or get work as a title closer?

  • Become familiar with documents and procedures found at a closing.

  • Examples of possible problems that might happen at a closing and how to prevent them.

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