Section 4 (NYSDOS Module #3)
-Home Inspection Licensing Course-  

Price: $350.00
Required Textbook:
The Home Inspection Book: A Guide for Professionals, by Marcia Darvin Spada (Included with Section 1)
25 hours

Course Outline:

1. Heating Systems

a.      Scope of the heating system inspection

b.      Procedures for inspecting the heating system

c.      energy sources:

a.      fuel oil

b.      natural gas

c.      propane

d.      electricity

e.      wood

f.        solar heating

d.      hot water boilers

e.      furnaces

f.        fireplaces

a.      components

g.      chimneys

h.      vents

i.        flues

j.         distribution

a.      fans

b.      pumps

c.      ducts

d.      piping

e.      air filters

f.        registers

g.      radiators

h.      fan coil units

i.        convectors

k.      controls

l.         thermostats

m.    returns

n.      safety controls

 2. Cooling systems

a.      Scope on the cooling system inspection

b.      Procedures for inspecting the cooling system

c.      types of systems

d.      energy source

e.      capacity

f.        components

a.      compressor

b.      condenser

c.      evaporator

g.      duct systems

h.      thermostats

i.        heat pumps: components

 3. Plumbing systems

a.      Scope on the plumbing inspection

b.      Procedure for inspecting the plumbing system

c.      water sources

a.      Public

water meters



b.      Private

wells pumps

water flow

storage tanks

pressure tanks

d.      piping/water main lines

a.      materials

b.      sizes

c.      installation

e.      valves

f.        main shutoff valves

g.      fixtures

a.      sinks

b.      tubs

c.      showers

d.      toilets

h.      faucets

a.      indoor

b.      outdoor

i.        water heaters

a.      fuel source

b.      capacity

c.      temperature

d.      installation

e.      leaks

f.        chimney, flues and vents

j.         waste disposal systems

a.      sewers

b.      septic systems

k.      drains/waste/vents

a.      piping

b.      traps

c.      floor drains

d.      venting systems

e.      sewage pump

f.        sump pump