Section 3 (NYSDOS Module #2)
-Home Inspection Licensing Course- 

Price: $350.00
Required Textbook:
The Home Inspection Book: A Guide for Professionals, by Marcia Darvin Spada (Included with Section 1)
25 hours

Course Outline:

1. Interior Components

a.      Scope of the interior inspection

b.      Procedures for inspecting the interior components

c.      doors/windows

d.      walls

a.      materials

b.      installation

e.      floors

f.        ceilings

g.      stairs

a.      components

h.      steps

i.        railings

j.         balconies

k.      countertops

l.         cabinets

m.    appliances

a.      dishwasher

b.      range, cook top, oven

c.      trash compactor

d.      garbage disposal

e.      ventilation/range hood

f.        installed microwave oven

g.      built in refrigerator

h.      clothes washer

i.        clothes dryer

 2. Insulation and Ventilation

a.      Scope of the insulation and ventilation inspection

b.      Procedures for inspecting insulation and ventilation

c.      Insulation

a.      materials

b.      forms of

c.      heat flow

d.      air flow

e.      moisture

f.        attic insulation

g.      foundation area insulation

h.      air/vapor barriers

d.      Ventilation

a.      attic ventilation

b.      basement ventilation

c.      crawlspace ventilation

d.      living spaces

exhaust systems

supply systems

balanced systems

e.      bathroom/kitchen ventilation system

 3. Electrical Systems

  1. Scope of the electrical inspection
  2. Procedures for inspecting the electrical system
  3. service drop
  4. service lines
  5. service entrance
  6. main service panel/breakers/fuses
  7. amperage/voltage

  8. wiring methods

            a. aluminum branch circuit wiring

  1. grounding equipment

  2. switches

  3. outlets

  4. circuit interrupters

  5. light fixtures
  6. ceiling fans smoke detectors