Section 1 (NYSDOS Module #4)
-Home Inspection Licensing Course- 

Price: $350.00
Required Textbook:
The Home Inspection Book: A Guide for Professionals, by Marcia Darvin Spada (Included with Section 1)
25 hours

Course Outline:

1. License law

  1. Real Property Law, Article 12-B
    1. Definitions 444-b
    2. Licensing Requirements 444-d
    3. Qualifications for licensure 444-e
    4. Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements 444-f
    5. Duty of Care of Home Inspectors 444-g
    6. Suspension and Revocation of License 444-h
    7. Denial of License; Complaints; Notice and Hearing 444-i
    8. Practice of Architecture and Professional Engineering 444-j
    9. Insurance Requirements 444-k
    10. Unlicensed Activities 444-n
    11. Violations and Penalties for unlicensed activities 444-o
    12. Code of Ethics*
    13. Standards of Practice*
  2. Department of State Rules and Regulations
    1. Title 19 NYCRR

 *until such time as New York State has set fourth their Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, these sections should cover standards and codes of current national home inspection organizations.

 2. Overview of the Profession

  1. inspection process
  2. pre-inspection agreement
    1. elements of a contract
  3. liability issues
  4. tools and equipment
  5. safety concerns

 3. Report writing

  1. preparing the written report
    1. report types




  1. report forms