Basics of Home Inspection
-Continuing Education- 

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22.5 hours

Course Outline:


Home Inspection Defined

The professional home inspector

The Home Inspection Business

Operation of the home inspection office

Land Use Regulation

Tools of the trade

Home inspection procedure

The home inspection report

Industry Standards


Site Inspection

    Topography, grading, drainage

    Retaining walls, walkways, steps and stoops

    Patios, poches, decks, balconies

Exterior Inspection

    Footing and foundation

    Doors, ceiling and roof

    Exterior covering

Interior Inspection

    Doors and locking mechanisms

    Insulation and vapor barriers

    Attic inspection

    Fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances

The plumbing system

    Well water

    Sanitary waste systems


    Heating systems

    Air conditioning

    Water heaters

Electrical system

    Main panel board

    Wiring materials junction boxes and outlets

Recognizing environmental issues

    Air quality

    Toxic elements and their relationship to real property

    Household pests that eat wood