Buyer Agent Book Camp
-Continuing Education- 

Book Cost: included
Buyer Representation for the Real Estate Professional - Marcie Roggow
22.5 hours
(You finish your 22.5 hours of continuing education required by the State.)

Course Outline:

Instructor: Eytan Pick


à        By ratification, by estoppel

à        The dangers of implied agency

à        Sub-agency

à        Undisclosed dual agency

à        Designated agents

à        This also constitutes dual agency

o       Class exercise: Dual agency case studies






à        Personal

à        Needs

à        Desires

à        Financials

à        Class exercise: Self analysis

à        The four personality types

à        How to deal with each personality type



à        Agent’s qualifications

à        The home purchase process

à        Agency choices

à        Agency disclosure and acknowledgment

o       Special disclosure about potential dual-agency

à        Buyer’s financials

à        Agent’s compensation

o       Buyer’s ultimate responsibility to compensate agent

§         Contingent and non-contingent compensation

o       Compensation arrangements

§         Flat fee

§         Retainer

§         Hourly

§         By task

§         Percentage of the sale’s proceeds

·        Commission paid directly by buyer

·        Commission paid from the transaction proceeds

à        The buyer exclusive agency agreement

o       Phraseology

à        Creating a partnership

o       Agent and buyer’s roles

o       The team approach

à        The home showing and selection process

o       The home selection process

o       What the buyer should look for

o       Fair housing laws

§         What the buyer should know

§         Agent’s legal obligations in regards to fair housing laws

à        The transaction

o       The offer and negotiation process

o       Home inspections

o       The contract

o       The mortgage procurement process

o       The title search

o       The walk through

o       The closing




à        The selection process

o       The buyer’s wishes, wants, needs and market reality

o       Using the MLS, FSBO listings and print media advertisement to locate appropriate properties

o       How to get information about office exclusive listings

o       The number of homes shown

à        Home showings

o       When to show

o       How many

o       How to show an office exclusive listings

§         Legal obligations of listing agents

·        DOS letter of opinion

o       The order of showing

o       Buyer’s education on homes he will see

o       The right way to show a house

o       How to assist the buyer narrowing down the choices

o       Counseling the buyer on the merits of shown homes without violating fair housing laws

§         Community demographics

§         Schools



à        Property condition: Material defects

à        Lead-base paint and hazards

à        Sex offenders

o       Agent’s obligation under the law

à        Stigmatized property

o       Agent’s obligations under the law

à        Insurability

o       CLUE report

à        Market analysis and properties comparison

à        Offer presentation

o       How to “grease” the skids

à        Offer negotiation

o       Understanding seller’s and buyer’s important issues

o       Important issues versus petty issues

o       Removing the emotion from the process

o       The use of the monthly payment rather than the listing price

o       The “Coffee closing”

o       The closing date

o       Keeping the parties focused on their respective goals

à        Home condition inspection: Setting the buyer’s expectations

à        Termite inspection

à        Additional specialized inspections – Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Chimney, Water tightness

à        Understanding the standard contract

à        Providing the necessary information to the attorneys

à        The importance of diligence and expediency

à        C of O’s

à        Survey

à        Liens

à        The type of institutions

o       Direct lender

o       The mortgage broker

o       Educating the buyer on the merits of each type

à        Basic mortgage types

à        The pre-approval

à        Obtaining a mortgage commitment

o       Obstacles

à        Rate lock

à        Last conditions

à        The closing

à        Prior to closing

à        Post closing

à        How to deal with issues

à        Utility transfers

à        Trash collection schedule

à        Useful area information – medical facilities, shopping, restaurants etc

à        Mailing labels

à        Ensuring all is in place