The ABC's of Foreclosure
-Continuing Education- 

Book Cost: included
(You finish 1/3 of your 22.5 hours of continuing education required by the State.)

Course Outline:

  1. Steps leading to real estate foreclosure
    1. Open mortgage
    2. Acceleration letter
    3. Lis pendens
    4. Petition for foreclosure
    5. Foreclosure auction
  2. Marketing real estate at risk of foreclosure
    1. Before the auction
    2. At the auction
    3. REO Properties after the auction
  3. Workshop on marketing techniques
  4. Agency relationships in the foreclosure process
    1. Requirements
    2. seller agency
    3. buyer agency
  5. Preparing to buy at the foreclosure auction
    1. Steps to be taken by all buyers
    2. Steps to be covered with buyer customers and buyer principals by a real estate broker involved in the transaction
  6. Government property foreclosures
    1. FHA
    2. VA
    3. IRS
  7. Real estate tax foreclosures
  8. A. Understanding bankruptcy in New York