All About Commercial Real Estate
-Continuing Education- 

Book Cost: included
(You finish 1/3 of your 22.5 hours of continuing education required by the State.)

Course Outline:

  1. Overview of Commercial Real Estate
    1. Status and trends
    2. Properties and their listing data:
      i. industrial
      ii. office
      iii. retail
      iv. investment properties
      v. land
  2. Commercial Sales and Leasing
    1. Industrial and Office Leasing
      i. analysis of lease structure and terms
      ii. discussion of different methods for basing rent
      iii. increases
      iv. understanding landlordís responsibility and tenantís obligation
    2. Retail leasing
      i. analysis of current retail market
      ii. understanding national tenants
      iii. understanding local retail merchants
      iv. major terms to be negotiated
    3. Investment property analysis
      i. pre-TRA 86 vs. post-TRA 86
      ii. analysis based on: cash flow, cost replacement and comparative market analysis
    4. Land Sales/Land Leases
      i. analysis of current structures of both land sales and land leases
      ii. economic and physical characteristics that influence land value
      iii. zoning requirements
      iv. basic building requirement
  3. Summary of role and responsibilities of the Commercial Real Estate Broker and current topics of interest and concerns.